Witches and Slimes

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Protect the witches house in this great black and white game


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All ages

Witches and Slimes is a casual game in which your mission is to match all kinds of beings to create new types. Check it out, take a look at all the characters you can place on the board on the game's well-designed, black and white interface, and start matching.

To start playing, just tap and drag any of the witches and ghosts from the bottom of the screen to the game board. Whenever you have two of the same type of creatures, simply drag one to the other to merge them, and create types that can more easily defeat your enemies.

But the more levels you beat, the more powerful your enemies become. This makes it essential to level up your team and strategically place your characters on the line of attack to attack. Only with a strategic setup will your clan be able to keep all the enemies out of the witch's house.

Enter a monochromatic universe and protect your home from enemy assault with the fun game Witches and Slimes. Unlock new ghosts, use powerful attacks and create an impenetrable line of defense as you play this entertaining game.